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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Choco-Krispies SweetHearts

To make a lovely heart choco coated krispies is so easy... and not too expensive. The ones i made today all goes out as a gift  :) Little kiddo was all grin when she left for school today, with a bag of choco krispies, who wouldnt? Well, it was for her friends and teachers specially made by mommy. Happy hearts day!

What you need:
bitter sweet chocolate block (500g), cocoa substitute , krispies , sticks

 and heart shaped mould

How to prepare:

 Chunk the chocolate for easy melting

 now put the chocolates in a double boiler boiler over low heat, add about a teaspoon of cocoa butter substitute. 

Now it's melting nice and slow

When the choco's melted, pour a nice thin layer on the mould (about halfway)

Ooops! don't forget the straw or stick...Then add krispies (you may add nuts or raisins if you wish!)
Now, coat again the top layer with choco...
Let it rest for about 3 to 5 minutes. I had it chilled in the fridge for 
about 3 minutes. Don't put it too long on the fridge, else it
melts or moist when put in room temperature.

turn the mold upside down in a flat surface. Voila! now we have choco-krispies 
in a stick.

For a valentine touch, wrap in a clear plastic and tie with red ribbon. 
(note: A 500g choclate block makes about 18 pcs of choco-krispies)

Happy hearts day!

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peachkins said...

You're such a sweet mommy!Happy Love day!

Pinoy Kitchenette said...


thanks peachy! Happy hearts day!

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