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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Breakfast for Dinner: Danggit, Chorizo at Papaya-Calamansi Smoothie

 Here's my share for our Kulinarya February theme ~ a taste of love.
Abigail of Nappytales and Marni of Kensington Kitchen, our hosts for this month brought out the cheesy and gooey side of us.. having us remember the sweet moments of our first love (aww to some might be the sour / bitter moments). Lucky me, I'm still sharing the buffet of flavors with my one true love Mr. B. 
Fresh from college, I shared an apartment with some friends. Mr. B also lives in the same compound so we were practically neighbors. But we haven't met or even crossed path until after a year. Why? Because I used to work graveyard shift (8pm - 6am) in an american data processing company that time, and he was on his 5th year engineering class. I'd usually be home at 9am the sleep until 3pm . And he has his morning and afternoon classes. And maybe because I was a daytime zombie, I don't exactly recall how we exactly met. Toinks! Nevertheless, it's been a colorful, lovely 13 years since then...

Danggit and Chorizo Cebu

Now we're having breakfast for dinner.... ( yes, you've read it right!) 
This is his favorite and mine too... Danggit and chorizo cebu. He's a cebuano by the way. We used to stroll the street of Larsian in Cebu and endulged with lots of barbecues, chorizos and puso - rice wrapped in palm leaf. We've been craving for this for such a long time, thanks for his cousins from Cebu who visited recently and brought us packs of danggit and chorizong cebu.

I had it paired with Papaya-Calamansi smoothies. Sarap!
Funny, but I can't eat papaya without calamansi - these two goes best together.... 

Any meal when shared with your loved ones, no matter how simple and plain it is, tastes like gourmet. 

Papaya-Calamansi Smoothie

What you need:
1 med sized ripe papaya, peeled and seeded
calamansi juice (about 6 pcs calamansi)
honey, as desired
crushed ice
  • Simply put everything in a blender to make this healthy smoothie. 
  • Transfer to glasses. 
  • Serve with love! Enjoy!

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peachkins said...

The papaya-calamansi smoothie is an interesting combo which I might try one of these days....

I'm sure Mr.B feels so lucky!

Pinoy Kitchenette said...


thanks peachy!

Reel and Grill said...

I also had a dangit breakfast (plus sausage) the other day courtesy of a colleague from the Cebu area .... I hope he will bring some of those cute looking chorizos next time. :-)

Oggi said...

I miss those tiny longanisa from Cebu. I would love to have a glass or two of that pretty papaya drink.

adorasbox said...

This post really made me sad...because I'm not eating what you are eating. I love all of them: danggit, longaniza and most of all papaya with calamansi. You are so lucky!

iska said...

Nothing wrong with 'breakfast for dinner"... we do that, too hahaha! At ang sarap kaya ng danggit at chorizo nyo... makes me wanna have another serving of rice!

And your papaya-calamansi smoothie sounds refreshingly yum!

maiylah said...

it has been ages since i had one of those tiny but oh-so-delicious-and-packed-with-flavour Cebu longganiza! usually when i go home (Leyte) we can easily find one in the wet market, but here in QC it's a different story...
love the calamansi-papaya combo..we do that, too. though not in a shake..we just drizzle calamansi juice on our papaya slices. the calamansi gives it an added kick! :)

Pearl @ Sassy Chef Recipes said...

That's seriously yummy! I remember my mom, she's like you who can't eat papaya without calamansi. :) I'll make this for her this summer when she comes home from Canada :)

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