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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Steamed Tilapia in Ginger with Piña-Ampalaya Ensalada

Steamed Tilapia in Ginger

"What dish do you always have or wish you could have for your birthday, but with a healthier twist?"  
That's what we are tasked to do for our Kulinarya theme this month. Since we are celebrating for good health and new beginning for a new year, fish dish came up first in my mind. And it's so happen tommorrow is Chinese new year, so it's perfect! Chinese people considers it auspicious to serve fish for new year (and it must be whole fish). But chinese or not, who wouldn't want to have good luck and good food? 
And since we are calling for a healthy dish, I opted out the usual mayo I spread on top of steamed fish. I just had it steamed in sesame oil and lots of ginger for a very nice flavor and aroma.
Piña-Ampalaya Ensalada

What goes best with steamed fish but a crisp vegetable salad or shall I say veggie-fruit salad? Since the ensalada I have here is that of ampalaya (bitter gourd or bitter melon) and pineapple. Oh yeah! Isn't that interesting? I bet most of you haven't had this salad yet. Some might even think the taste would be really bitter, but i dare say nah! Ampalaya and pineapple really do compliment each other's flavor. Now don't just imagine what it tastes like... have some of it now!


Steamed Tilapia in Ginger and Sesame Oil
1 whole tilapia (large)  ~ you can also use other fish such as lapu-lapu, etc.
1/2 cup chopped ginger
1 tsp grated ginger
2 tbsp sesame oil
a slice or two of lemon
salt and pepper

Piña-Ampalaya Ensalada
1 cup thinly sliced Amplaya
450g canned pineapple chunks (about 1 1/2 cups), best if you can find a really sweet fresh pineapple
1/2 tsp salt
ice cold water 

How to prepare

Steamed Tilapia  :  

  • Clean fish, remove gills, innards and scales. Wash then pat dry. 
  • You might want to pour some hot water into the fish to remove "lansa" or stench. Dry.
  • Rub each side with a little salt and pepper. 
  • In a wide pan, put the ginger and sesame oil. Place the fish on top of the chopped ginger. Then sprinkle the grated ginger on top of the fish.We will let the fish absorb the flavor of the ginger and sesame oil.
  • Cover the pan and cook over low heat for about 20 minutes.
  • Transfer in a serving plate. Serve warm. Squeeze with some lemons. Garnish with bell peppers, celery, onions (optional).
Piña-Ampalaya Ensalada

  • Cut ampalaya lenghtwise. Remove seeds. slice thinly, then soak in ice cold water with a dash of salt. Drain, then pour in some cold water again to remove salt. Then drain well. 
  • In a bowl, just mix the ampalaya slices with the pineapple chunks( If you're using canned pineapple, remove the syrup)
  • Then let it chill in the fridge. We'll let the amplaya absorb the sweet and sour taste of pineapple.
  • To best enjoy this crisp salad, serve chilled.

Kulinarya Cooking Club is a group of filipino  foodies. We showcase different dish with every month's theme challenge. 

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wow this is something new... and sounds so healthy! I actually was craving for it, and that's a rarity especially when I hear "healthy" haha. (but shhh maybe i will omit the ampalaya part haha)
happy sunday!

peachkins said...

This is a really healthy dish and with the pineapple-ampalaya salsa, who would say no?

Kung Hei Fat Choi, Marge!

Pearl said...

Yum! Never tried ampalaya salsa before, but I'm sure it tastes great! :) Thanks for sharing your healthy birthday craving, now I'm craving for tilapia too! :)

Wok with Ray said...

Can't go wrong with steamed tilapia and I like your recipe of pineapple and ampalaya. Thank you, Marge!

PinayinTexas said...

Steaming is such a healthy way of preparing tilapia, and we often do it here. Never thought of serving it with piña-ampalaya ensalada! Thanks for this delicious idea!

maiylah said...

that looks like something i'd LOVE (yup including the salad...will try that today)! am not really a fan of tilapia but that's the one fish available that's usually fresh around here (buhay pa minsan, lol) so we have a lot of that here at home. you've just given me an idea what to cook (and post) for this week's Food Friday, Ms. Marge!

thank you so much for linking over at Food Friday!
Xin Nian Kuai Le! :)

Umm Mymoonah said...

Very healthy plate of food, thank you for linking with Any One Can Cook :)

adorasbox said...

What a super delicious yet healthy dish. I love the ampalaya and pineapple side.

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