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Friday, July 22, 2011

Ginataang Santol with Bagoong

Ginataang santol might sound irky , just like an out-of-this-world food. You see, this is not a usual dish you serve in every Filipino table (or foreign, may i add?). But in Bicol, we cook almost anything with coconut.

Ginataang Santol with Bagoong topped with Creamy coconut milk and chilis
served in scraped santol halves

Santol is a tropical fruit commonly cultivated in southeast Asia. And Philippines is abundant with this. The ripe fruits may have sweet or sour pulp which can be eaten raw. We also use santol as souring ingredient when cooking sinigang or paksiw dishes. It can be candied or made into marmalade or jam.

The first time I introduced this dish to my husband who is a native Visayan, he didn't knew it was santol when I had him taste it. And when I told him it's Santol, he just couldn't believe it-  the taste was so good! Now why don't you try some...

more chilis if you like it hot!


1 kilo santol (makes about 3 cups grated santol)
100g pork, cut in small pieces (OPTIONAL)
1/3 cup bagoong
3 cups coconut cream
2 cups coconut milk
1 thumbsized ginger, crushed
8 pcs siling haba (finger chilis), chopped
2 pcs siling labuyo (bird's eye chili),  ~ optional
4 tbsp bagoong alamang or salted shrimp fry, or to taste
6 cloves garlic, minced
1 onion, chopped
2 tbsp cooking oil

  • Wash santol. Pat dry. Cut in half, remove the seeds, then scrape the flesh or pulp. 

grated santol pulp/flesh

  • Soak the grated or scraped flesh of santol in a bowl of water with salt, to prevent from darkening and removing the slight bitter taste. Then drain and squeeze dry. Set aside.
grated santol soaked in water with salt

  • Heat oil in pan, saute ginger, onion and garlic,then brown the pork (pork meat is optional). Add the coconut milk and cream. Add bagoong. Bring to boil, while constantly stirring  to avoid curdling.
  • Add the santol and siling labuyo (lessen the chilis if you don't want it too hot). Adjust the taste, add bagoong or salt if preferred.
  • Simmer. Cook for about 15 to 20 minutes, or until oil comes out of the coconut cream.
  • Serve. Garnish with red chilis and cooked coconut cream (optional) . Enjoy!


gengen said...

Wow that is interesting...Happy FTF! Mine is here....

chie - a wife online said...

aw, this is new to me! I wonder how it tastes like.

Pinoy Kitchenette said...

Thank you Chie. You should try this one :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is really something new, I have to tell my dad so he can buy santol over the weekend :)

Pinoy Kitchenette said...

Yes do try this Sassy Chef! just remember to use lots of coconut milk when doing this. And the santol must be grated really small(parang bagoong) and rinsed well para di mapait and sobrang asim.

Pinoy Kitchenette said...


thanks for dropping by gengen!

Cielo of Brown Pinay said...

Havent tried this sis, but makes me curious on how it taste specially when matched with rice. Nawawala ba ang asim ng santol?

....Mine is up at FTF No. 21. Hope you can visit back...

Pinoy Kitchenette said...

@Cielo of Brown Pinay

Hi Cielo! Thnaks for dropping by.
Yes, tanggal ang asim, just soak yung kinudkod na santol sa warm water with asin, then squeeze it really dry. make sure din, plenty of gata.

Unknown said...

oh my gulay, this is seriously making my mouth water! i dig this!:p

Pinoy Kitchenette said...

Go miranda! Dig in! hahaha. Glad you liked it.
Have a great weekend

MoM from Manila said...

wow, this makes me miss my mom...i also come from a family of Bicolanos, and this is one of the dishes that I grew up with...pero tamad ako to cook it, i find it tedious pero pag gusto ko kainin, mapipilitan ako lutuin, hahaha...

hope you could visit my FTF entry, too!

Dave at eRecipecards.com said...

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Unknown said...

Never heard about this fruit but sounds very interesting and tasty.. your presentation lloks gorgeous!!

♥ Willa @ Postage Journal♥ said...

Parang nangasim naman ako sa entry mo. :)

Pinoy Kitchenette said...

thanks Malli for your nice comment.
Happy blogging!

Pinoy Kitchenette said...

it looks maasim :) but once you taste it, sarap! promise!

cheerful said...

looks really yummy...nangasim ako sis, unang picture pa lang! galing...and you're so creative when it comes to food! love it. visiting late from FTF, have a great week. :)

Pinoy Kitchenette said...

thanks cheerful! Have a great week too!

ping said...

Ohhh ... you've brought back some memories with this fruit! My grandma used to slice them up and put them together with some other fruits as a sweet/spicy chutney. This is a rather unusual but interesting way to eat them. I can't remember what the local name for it is tho.

jellybelly said...

Something truly different! Thanks for including the recipe. Now if I could only find santol in the grocery :)

The Twerp and I

maiylah said...

i know i tried cooking this before, but it was disappointing. my father is also from Bicol but I haven't seen him cook this (he only cooks once in a while, lol...i only learned about it when i read a cookbook lying around the house). lol.
would love to try this again...with lots and lots of gata this time! :)

Anonymous said...

the best sa lahat.could not replace this with karekare,crispy pata, lechon, or chicken fried.

masarap ang ginataang santol kapag may halong bagoong bicol(balaw), shrimp or alimango.

Pinoy Kitchenette said...

Yes tama ka dyan! kahit wala na yung pork. basta may bagoong yum yum yum!

Anonymous said...

Bigla akong nangasim! Makapagluto nga bukas :) Miss ko na'to... :)

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